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OMP Business Partner Program 

We will offer a yearly membership program that will purpose on providing monthly business, technical, and life coaching sessions. These sessions will be scheduled twice a month, with a target day for the first and third Saturday of each month. OMP Business Partners program will kick off October 1, 2022.

The OMP Business Partners cost for the last quarter of 2022 is $99.00

Let's Work Together!


OMP Features 

• Networking

• Newsletter email blast

• Advertising

Business developments sessions

• Life Coaching session

• Media education tools

• Membership portal

OMP Business Partner Shirt

OMP Advantages 

• Intimate and personal connection

• Opportunity to promote your business

• Working with trained professionals

• Learning new and informative media information

• Internal network to communicate with OMP Partners

OMP Benefits 

• Increase life knowledge and awareness of the unknown

• Meeting successful like-minded people

• Discount on OMP Products and Services

• Special invite to OMP Functions

• Platform to promote your brand, products, and services 

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