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The new way is really the old made better and now it's called PODCAST! You have been interested to learn more and find solutions. The OWENS Podhub is a central location where we coach, produce, and grow your podcast vision and dream.

ESSENTIAL $60.00 per hr.

Just starting out no worries we will coach and work with to achieve optimal success.  This our entry level session that we peak your interest as you venture out and express your views through podcasting.​

EXTREME $150.00     

3 hour block

For the more advance podcast producers; we are really to facilitate your need to explore mainstream concepts and ideals. 

Our Equipment
Zoom L8 mixer
MXL770 Mics
Tascam TH-300 Headphones
Canon XA 11

Streaming Platforms

Your website

We created a bonus hosting platform for your podcast to be viewed 

What We Offer

Podcast Live Stream or Pre-recorded

Our Multi-purpose "White Room" is soundproof and redesign ready for your audio and video podcasting. We are focus on listening to your vision and mission to help identity your objective.


OMPLLC 2022 Podcast Promotion start as low as $ 60.00 per hour

We have customized packages and a membership program 

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