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John Wayne Owens 

AKA JWayne Owens

JWayne’s philosophy is simple: find a way to win. Consequently, JWayne has had loss, yet after overcoming adversity realized you must push and produce winners by providing tools and skills to process.

JWayne is a devoted husband with a blended family of 4 children. He is a minister, life coach, video media producer, and owner of Owens Media Production. After marrying his wife Titia, he became Vice President of the homeless organization Where Are You? Outreach where he manages the monthly events and carries out the vision. JWayne has served various artists across the United States with management assistance and hospitality one being the gospel award-winning Fred Hammond. JWayne has served behind the scenes of big-screen movie projects as well as documentaries and short films which has led him to producing his web series called My Soul Needs Help and producing and organizing many documentaries for his clients. JWayne's most recent project is creating a platform called Owens Podhub where he strives to motivate and inspire the globe.

JWayne is the founder of Men of Influence and Urban Media Ministry which recognizes men who have impacted the community and implements spiritual growth for males to become kingdom men.


LeTiTia Owens

In a world that can easily differentiate between the elite and aspiring there is one who can bridge the gap with love, laughter, and the celebration of life. Titia Owens, known as the “Soul” in Soul food by her Pastor Dr. Tony Evans, is the light of the Dallas, Texas. She can be found building, hosting, and serving the DFW Metroplex at large. At her core Titia has the heart of her community and culture in mind. Upon entry into a room she will draw any audience into her high energy and high pitched flow. The joy of her personality and comedic prowess will affirm that there are no strangers only people she has yet to make an acquaintance. As a resident in Dallas her and her family yield their support in ministry through her organization Where Are You Outreach (WAYO) , home church of 24 years Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church, along with the City of Dallas Homeless Commission as board member appointed by the City Council.


Additionally, Titia Owens is a motivational speaker with a true story of triumph. While experiencing homelessness, this question was birthed from her experience Where Are You? During this difficult, but awakening process Titia experienced the physical and emotional challenges having no place to go; however, she felt the presence of God through it all. She became keenly aware that you can be homeless your whole life, searching for your place, purpose, and living unstable day to day. As her circumstances shifted she has become known as one who creates her own opportunities to advocate for the homeless.

Titia has earned the accolades of becoming a radio host and partner of Presidential Business Center. Her beauty, comedy, fashion, and style has allowed her to become Brand Ambassador for highly acclaimed boutiques and small businesses.

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